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YOUNIQ BABO Round 18K Rosegold / Gold / Silver Titanium Steel Big Chain Bracelet EN

RM 69.00
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  • Available in silver/ gold / rosegold plated
  • Size: 16.5 + 3.5cm
  • Durable & resistant to corrosion
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy for daily wear
  • Suitable as gift with premium gift box

YOUNIQ offers premier titanium ETERNAL series by offering the finest selection of delicate 18K rosegold plated Imported Titanium Steel bracelet. When it comes to personal accessories and gifts for their loved ones, we always want the quality which is why our products are all hand-crafted, made from the Imported Titanium Steel at the best prices available.

What is Imported Titanium Steel Jewelry?

1. Hypoallergenic

Our Imported Titanium Steel jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic. The metal is not prone to discoloration and will not cause any allergic reaction, skin irritations or discomfort. It is absolutely safe for those who suffer from nickel allergy.

2. Strong and Durable

Our jewelry pieces are made of alloy & Imported Titanium Steel. Knowing that jewelry will be a part of your daily routine, we've made sure to use an alloy that will keep our Imported Titanium Steel pieces in shape. They will also stay flawless over time.

3. Affordable

Being a metal used in industrial applications, Imported Titanium Steel may seem expensive. However, Imported Titanium Steel jewelry is actually affordable. We have also have basic designs with cubic zirconia.

Basic Care Instructions for Jewelry

We recommend that customers remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments will result in compromising the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to the following: perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water, and silver polish.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Pour a small amount of mild soup into lukewarm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Toothbrushes are idea for cleaning jewelry with intricate details, which can otherwise be difficult to clean. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak the jewelry in clean water. A jewelry-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your jewelry shine again if the pieces have become dull. However, it will not remove scratches. Jewelry-polishing cloths may be purchased from any of your local goldsmith. 

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